Sunday, January 25, 2015

I Love You More!

Watching your children have children of their own is nothing short of a miracle. If you are fortunate enough to live close and observe your grandchildren grow and change, you take part in another precious stage of life's circle.

I've been blessed to be a part of that process - watching my daughter have a daughter and being a part of her life. 

What memories!

School vacations filled with games and movies and snacks. Shopping trips since she was a baby. Tears and laughter. Times of separation that broke my heart. Campfires and smores and school projects that left red paint on my blanket. Art projects that left green paint on my floor :). All reminders of when she came to stay. Little notes I keep by the door. Countless photo opportunities!

Photo opportunities are limited now. She has grown into a lovely young woman creating her path in this world. I'd rather spend what time we have together hearing her voice, knowing her stories, delighting in her life. 

Friday night, in a rare moment, Ken cuddled in between Grampy and I on the couch. We talked a little about school and work and played a game on our phones side by side. It was one of those heart memories I hold close and they keep me going when the going gets tough.

Happy Birthday my sweet girl and know that you will always be my little girl even as I celebrate the woman you are becoming. 

I love you more!

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  1. I can just feel your grandma love in your post...She is beautiful and I am sure you mean as much to her as she does to you...Having participating grandparents in your life is a gift from God....


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