Saturday, August 29, 2015

Sparkling August

Ginger peach green tea and the new Artful Blogging magazine transform an ordinary Saturday morning into a delightful journey. I am inspired to blog, which is saying something considering I have eked out a mere five posts this month!

I'm sitting in front of the heater at our camper on this fall-like morning although the weather prediction is for nearly eighty degrees today. I've been looking back in my journal over the month of August, amazed at how much I packed into each day and still enjoyed summer rests occasionally. 

I made two trips to the camper, took a motorcycle ride, gardened, completed two Bible studies and one book read for review, put the finishing touches on my first pair of knit socks, knit several dish cloths, highlighted a friends hair, worked in the office, spent a lovely afternoon in Bar Harbor with my brother and his wife, integrated yoga stretches into my morning routine, prayed constantly for two friends undergoing surgery, and enjoyed a relaxing week with my best friend from Nova Scotia. Oh and I managed to write three chapters in my book!

Each morning I lift up my ordinary life to the Lord. His grace strengthens me in worries over a child grown distant, physical concerns and change threatening on the horizon. 

I cherish each moment of joy like this one😊 and choose joy in moments not so joyous. 

I am grateful for many answers to many prayers prayed this month passed. Those answers encourage me in facing uncertainties in days that lie ahead. 

My word for August was "sparkle." I found each day surprised me with gems,whether  big or small, redirecting my heart towards gratitude. 

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Sanctuary Under the Trees

A walk on a wooded path with a friend held my breath of worship this morning. With each inhale, I touched creation and exhaled gratitude. God is teaching me a new way of worship, where His Presence inhabits a beam of sunlight upon a leaf, soft footfalls upon the pressed dirt path, red berries stark in a forest of green. 

Decades of disciplined church-going practices prick my conscience, but only for a second. For three years now, God has done nothing as planned. My plan, that is. My vision is widened by the scope of His love and His immeasurable grace. 

Grace cannot be contained within walls, words or earthly wisdom. 

Whispers of his presence  permeate the ordinary, the simple, the sweetness of hot summer days.

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Steamy Sunday Afternoon

Can you believe we are in the middle of August? Here in northern Maine the kids return to school this week, which is a signal that summer is coming to a close. 

I enjoyed my summer - time with family, working in my flowers, a small Bible study with 2 friends, camper time with hubby, wearing skirts every day, and being outdoors a lot!

This month we finished our study on Jennie Allen's "Anything." I highly recommend it. I also worked through Angie Smith's study "Seamless" on my own. I could do this one several times for it is packed full of nuggets from scripture.

For fun, I am participating in Sparkles over at Jamie Ridler's studio. I took the above photo for one of the assignments. Another of my favorite 5- minute Sparkles was writing a poem called a cinquain. 

whimsical, comical
loving, fluttering, enchanting
rainbows swirl about her

One of the collage assignments.

Its 90 degrees outside today and forecasted the same for tomorrow. Perhaps summer is departing with  flair. 
My thoughts are turning to projects I planned to complete before the seasons change. A couple of outdoor painting projects, restoring a hope chest I purchased for a steal at a yard sale, and my neglected writing course are among them.

For now a good book is calling to me on this steamy Sunday. Thanks for dropping by. 

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Celebrating A Year!

We are at the camper. Exactly a year ago Hubby had his heart attack. I am grateful for this past twelve months together. Life is a gift I don't want to take for granted. Choosing joy every day.

Gorgeous weather, family time, and good food this weekend. Check over on Fearless Lines for more pics in my weekly post.

Friday, August 7, 2015

Breathing Space

Morning breaking upon the campground warms my heart. I sit on the deck reading a chapter from "the gift of an ordinary day" by Katrina Kenison. Her words open my spirit each time I lift the book before me. 
Hubby has a dr appointment this afternoon nearby and after we I'll pick up Lily. Life will get busy. For now I breathe and stretch and whisper a prayer of gratitude for this space in which to receive grace. 

Sunday, August 2, 2015

Joy Moments from July

I loved taking July off from blogging! A few small changes gives us space to breathe and opens the way for joy! Here are a few of my Joy Moments in July.

Open to Joy!

Encircled in Light

Art Morning

Helping Grampy

Proud Artist!

Fair in the Rain!
Precious Moments