Monday, September 19, 2016

Breathe in September

"Holy joy lies in the habit of murmuring thanks to God for the smallest of graces."
Ann Voskamp

Sunflowers bow their heads, tomatoes ripen, flowers fade. More often than not, I grab my jacket as I head out the door.  All signs point toward fall. 

Summer was the best I've had in years. Daily gratitude filled my heart for all the many blessings I enjoyed. Beautiful weather, family, health, flower garden, friends, books, joy!

Warm weather lingers around the edges of autumn, delighting northern Mainers who notice every single day of sunshine and shorts. Yet we've had a few days of cold and even a night I had to cover my flowers. As I drive to town, I notice orange-tinged leaves reminding me we have entered fall.

September unfolded several challenges. Hubby's right- hand -man (and only one besides hubby) at work was out with pneumonia which turned into a heart attack. Not only is he important to our business, but our hearts for he is Terry's brother. Now he awaits open-heart surgery in Bangor.

Then a person close to our family committed suicide, leaving several of our loved ones devastated to say the least.

We spent a few evenings checking in with them and our weekend traveling to see my brother-in-law.

Life doesn't stop because of tragedy. Mom's car broke down and has been in the shop for days, leaving me to get her to appointments. Over and over the stresses piled up last week. I found myself fighting for joy. I didn't want to lose what I'd gained this summer.

"Happiness is not getting something, but being given to Someone." Ann Voskamp

I slipped into my office and opened my Bible to Deuteronomy 28:1-14. God reminded me of my covenant, my promises under His Blessing. He called me to faith, to remember I am not a victim of circumstances.

Abiding in the place of intimacy with Christ every day makes all the difference. I am reminded of who I am and whose I am.

As I pray about other things concerning my children and family, I look up at a paper taped to my desk. My eyes fall upon these words:

"I've got this. Rest in Me."

I breathe in September.