Monday, November 24, 2014

Landing in Grace

Light is breaking out across my paths. Job 22 the Voice translation 

Sunday morning we skipped church in favor of a trip to the gym and breakfast together. As we were stopped at a light, I noticed a flock of birds flying back and forth from one rooftop to another. I grabbed my trusty iPhone and snapped a photo. Something about that scene connected with my spirit.

Life is a journey, never stationery. For the past two years now, the waters of this life have been rough at times, carrying me along, causing me to lose a sense of control and direction. Dare I say the waters have quieted and this ship has landed for a time? 

Sometimes what begins as a journey in one direction takes a totally different turn and we land where we never expected. The good thing about a life surrendered to Jesus is that we can trust that He had a plan all along.

I've landed in grace. That's what makes it all good.

So here we are at the close of November and nearly the end of the year. November 24th to be exact. Hubby and I have been married forty-five years today. He had a great checkup last week with the cardiologist. Our families are healthy and doing well. I am grateful. 

 I know all too well that life can change quickly. I write in my journal today from the Psalms.
"My heart is steadfast, trusting in the Lord."

Give me an undivided heart Lord, purified and steadfast in your grace.