Tuesday, August 26, 2014


Five days of gorgeous weather for our camper rest. Hubby is recuperating from his heart attack and begins cardiac rehab next week. His brother is tending the business so we are making the most of these days together. 

One day we went into Bar Harbor and walked around. Another we went to Asticou Gardens. I can't wait to get all my photos from that adventure on my laptop so I can share them! Tomorrow we will head down to see our grandchildren in the Portland area. It has been nearly two months since we've seen them. 

We are taking our time and enjoying the journey. This is a big change for us. Usually we are making a flying trip and trying to fit everyone and everything into a two day weekend. I am grateful for God's blessings in the midst of all the changes.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Bridge of Hope

I am sitting at my desk looking at this photo. There is something about it that draws me. I snapped it on my walk today, not realizing my setting was still on black and white from the August Break challenge yesterday. 

I know that I am connected to it in some way. I look up from the keyboard in front of me and spot a book on my desk. The words on the binding are "Today is Day One." 

Yes, it is. 
Day One to count blessings of the present moment. 
I am grateful today for:
  • warm sunny day
  • half an hour with the Lord and His Word
  • sweet goodbye to my bestie
  • a walk with Kate, my trainer/friend
  • a favorite tv show with my lunch
  • few moments captured with hubby sitting in the sun
  • clean laundry
  • a neighbor's quick visit
  • Instagram which brings fun into my day
  • thoughts of my children and grandchildren 
  • the little yellow bird's daily stop at the feeder
  • flowers still blooming
  • chocolate always
  • provision
  • strength
  • plans for the camper tomorrow, Lord willing
There are many women across the world today suffering, lacking, fearing. Lord, I lift them up before you. Be their center, their comfort, their hope as you are mine. Help them see the bridge you have provided for this season in each of their lives. A small prayer for an enormous need to a huge God of Love.

Monday, August 18, 2014

Starting the Day with IF:Equip

The Word of God has been the single most important key in my life. I have found instruction, direction, correction, comfort, love and grace there. And peace. The Bible word for peace is Shalom. It carries the meaning of wholeness, health, prosperity, soundness of mind, freedom from agitation and discord, safety, tranquility, harmony, fulness and rest.

Isaiah 26:3 says "perfect peace" is mine when my mind is fixed on Jesus, trusting Him. That perfect peace is actually Shalom, Shalom.

Over at IF:Equip today a new study is beginning on Galatians. Paul begins by blessing the Galatians with Grace and Peace. Look at all he was saying in two little words. And words filled with the power to bring them to pass!

Every morning, I turn to my iPhone and watch the barely 2 minute video on IF:Equip where women share on the scriptures. It starts my day by turning my thoughts to Jesus and his Word. Won't you join me?

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Changing Course

This morning I gathered around me all the tools for my daily ritual. 

  • My go-to green NIV Bible
  • Faith to Faith devotional that contains my daily Psalm 91 prayer from the Amplified Version
  • Jesus Calling devotional
  •  yellow index card book with my daily prayer scriptures and declarations
  • lavender journal
  • pens
  • study on the Blessing with BVOV
It was the first time in a week that I was able to sit in my chair and quietly regroup. I looked back in my journal to the beginning of August where I had written - Changing Course. I knew it was a word for my life but I had no idea what lie ahead. Then last friday Hubby suffered a heart attack.

I had to drive him forty minutes from where we were on the Island to a hospital, where they life Flighted him to a larger city. As I drove, the scriptures that I had been studying came quickly to my mind and I began to pray them aloud and bless him. I am grateful for God's preparing. Two days prior  I'd read Psalm 90 in the Message Bible where it says, "Lord, show us what you can do." He did just that.

Hubby is home today and doing well. He has two stents in his heart but no damage. A month off from work is a tremendous challenge for my hubby, who loves his job. We own the company so it's a lot of stress, but his brother has stepped up to the plate. Dietary changes are tough and I feel for him as I play the bad guy, reinforcing these things. I know how hard it is to be restricted in what you can eat.

Nevertheless, I am extremely grateful that he is alive, able to enjoy our family and continue life with us here on this earth. God provided every step of the way this past week and I know he will in the days ahead as we change and adjust our course according to His plan.