Sunday, March 23, 2014

Carriages, Carrots & Crowns - Week in Review

One of the things I love about being home in the County is meeting the Amish buggies along the road. I always wave and smile because they make me happy. Perhaps its the reminder to slow down and live life simpler. I prayed that I wouldn't run into this buggy as I snapped the pic with my iPhone while driving :)

This was my favorite Instagram photo of the week. My beautiful granddaughter. 

Annoyances and irritations fought hard to drown out my voice of gratitude this week. Mom's constant  problems with DISH network was one. After two weeks of this, finally a new receiver is on the way to northern Maine. I won't rehearse every one of the irritations  again for fear that I will fall back into the mire of negativity, but I must mention the carrot juice.

My goal each morning is to make a fresh juice for my breakfast. I have a couple of favorites but I'd run out of those ingredients by Saturday so I proceeded to make a carrot juice. I piled the carrots in my juicer and turned it on only to realize it wasn't tightly sealed and tiny bits of carrots flew everywhere. They coated my appliances, the window over my sink, clean dishes, everything in a wide radius. I was frustrated!

I managed to make and drink the juice only to have it upset my stomach. The carrots were too much for early morning so when I drove to mom's to check out her DISH, I went in nausea to her already 80 degree apartment. Okay, so I am ranting a bit. Forgive me.

I began this journal in September of 2013 and wrote on the last line today. What an incredible journey the last seven months have been! The folder underneath my journal contains my book which I am still  working on and so proud of myself for sticking with it, even if no one ever reads it. My iPad is next in the pile, my constant companion and gateway this week to an online Health Warrior Summit with daily videos on nutritional health and eating plans such as juicing, Paleo diet, Gluten-free and on and on. It can be overwhelming but I have decided to stick with baby steps, like my morning juices. 

Last but not least, peeking out from the bottom is my Mac, where I write my book and post to my blog.

The highlight of my week was beyond a doubt FaceTime with my girls, everything from these incredible smiles to Lily's fashion show with heels, sparkly skirt and crown. What a delight! Thanks Amber, McKenna, and Lily for being the sunshine of my week :)

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