Sunday, January 26, 2014

Weekend Review in Photos

I am home in the County watching the Amish go by in the snow. There is something so peaceful about this scene.

LilyBear came to visit Mammy and Grampy. Veggie Tales is always a hit.

My precious girl turned eighteen. (This is her photo from her iPhone). How is it possible she's all grown up? It was hard not being with her this weekend.

Still babying the foot. I keep ignoring the crutches but back with them this afternoon.


  1. I have missed you....I must put this blog in my sidebar since you have let the other one go.....You are right the snow scene does look very peaceful...and WOW Lily coming for a visit...It really sounds like you is doing very well....Your grand daughter is beautiful and I know what you mean about how fast they grow up....It seems like just a few years ago my 9 year old was born.....But we are excited about our baby due to arrive in April. Everything looks good this time....Sorry you are still having to nurse your foot....Are you able to stay home all the time now? I hope you have a great week....

  2. Lovely photos, and I agree about the first photo: peaceful, indeed.


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