Friday, March 14, 2014

Spilling Jelly Beans in a Doctor's Office

I'm sitting in the doctors office waiting for hubby. It is two weeks ago today he was waiting for me to get out of surgery. Now I wait and pray for him while he has a procedure. We traveled the three hours south this morning marveling at the high banks and snow laden trees lining the sides of the highway. Another March storm hit us yesterday. Everyone is praying for an early spring.

In my last post I was considering taking a break from social media and my blog. I did break for a few days from Instagram and Facebook. Wednesday evening I checked in and read a few blogs as well. Honestly I didn't miss FB or Instagram at all so I guess I'm not addicted. I did, however, channel my writing into my book rather than my blog. It was a welcome change.

Life is slower for me these days. Recovery from surgery is filled with all sorts of details that no one bothers to mention. That part is definitely not fun. I am enjoying reading and resting in the afternoons. Little frustrations come in the form of having to ask Hubby to carry the basket of towels into the kitchen  by the washer, because I am unable to lift for a month. In the scheme of things, that's really nothing.

The other night I was watching the news and my heart was wrenched by a report of a young mother with five children and a newborn. She was living in a tiny makeshift home, damp and cold amongst hundreds of Syrian refugees. When I crawled into my warm cozy bed that night, my prayers filled with ache for her and I began to ask God somehow to send someone to help that woman across the ocean.

When Hubby and I pulled into the parking lot here today there was a pickup with the words on the front, "I am that I am." 

When I know nothing else for sure, I know that God is huge, the great I Am. Yet he is loving and compassionate and I know his heart aches for that young mother as well.

I pause in this typing to place my hand to my side, where it aches. I am still healing and the trip down was trying. He knows that too.

My words are spilling on this page like jelly beans out of a jar, many colors and flavors, a mosaic of thoughts. What are the thoughts in your heart today? Spill into the comments my friends. I always read them.

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