Saturday, March 29, 2014

Simple Saturday Celebration

Church where we were married 44 years ago

Hubby and I set aside today to celebrate our good news. Because of the threat of  blizzard-like winds and snow, we rescheduled our appointments mid-week. His doctor was kind enough to call us with the results of Hubby's tests. All good! Yay! 

At first we thought we might head downstate for the weekend, see a movie and our kids. The weather report for tomorrow changed our minds so we opted to go with the flow. We slept in until 8:00 a.m. which is late for us, Hubby cleaned the pellet stove while I made a fresh juice. In the midst of cleaning up, I broke a glass in the dish water with a scary jagged edge and came out without a scratch. Grateful!

Then Hubby went out to the Agri-business show while I drank my tea and journaled. By the time he got home, I was showered and ready to go. But where would we go? Our adventurous day took us to Marden's to look at recliners but we found nothing. From there we went to lunch, where Hubby enjoyed a calzone loaded with greasy goodies and I stuck to salad. On to the grocery store!

The highlight of our day were the pictures and video our daughter sent to us of our three-year old granddaughter by the ocean. Hubby had his volume turned up so loud that all the store could hear the video until I suggested he turn it down. LOL. We watched it again after exiting the store, this time at full volume.

Now we're home and Hubby is napping in the chair as I write this post. It may not seem like a very exciting celebration to anyone looking in from the outside, but from our point of view it was perfect. After months of being apart a good amount of time, we didn't need fireworks or champagne,  just a simple Saturday together.

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  1. Happy Anniversary.....Sometimes just being together is all that's needed for a special celebration. Sounds like a lovely day to me.....


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