Monday, March 31, 2014

Listen to Your Body, Your Spirit, and Those People Who are Gifts to You

Movement is an important part of my self-care. If you read my post yesterday, you could tell that piece had been missing for a time because of my recovery from surgery. Even though I awoke tired this morning and groaned when Hubby came in to tell me that it was freezing rain a bit outside, I knew the path to the gym and training with Kate was open before me this morning. I needed it desperately.

The roads were challenging from yesterday's storm, but I'd driven worse. Once there I walked a mile around the track before Kate arrived. The next hour was spent with light exercise and talking about nutrition and where I need to go from here. It was so great and motivating. Kate encouraged me to listen to my body and move intuitively. I had been perusing websites talking about raw foods and detoxing, desperate to move into healing and good health. Yet I knew Kate's voice was the voice I needed to listen to, along with my own inner compass. Kate knows me well after years of working together. She told me to detox my mind of all the websites and ideas and stick to one simple step at a time, as I had been doing. She discouraged any big changes or detox right now. I have already lost too much weight and I eat fairly healthy on a regular basis. It made sense and resonated with my spirit. I had journaled early this morning, before meeting with Kate, about specific steps I want to implement in April. Under each category of body, soul, and spirit I wrote LISTEN.

I feel lighter and happier. I came home to a salad that I pre- made and popped in the refrigerator with spinach and fresh organic strawberries, tuna on the side. ( Where do they get those in northern Maine in March?) I know me and if I wait until I get home, I am often too hungry and eat something easy. This time I pulled the salad out and added avocado slices and dressing. I grabbed a handful of sea salt crackers and placed a piece of dark chocolate on my tray. It was so pretty that I enjoyed every bite. 

So this salad is my Monday creation for Jamie Ridler's "I Made This!" Monday.

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  1. oohh! that sounds pretty and looks darn good too! I love how you pre made it! I have trouble with lunches as well and this is a good reminder that if I plan ahead then it actually saves time and stress. ciao!


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