Monday, March 7, 2016

Where Is Your Well?



This is where it's happening. Fresh hope is moving in. 

Last week I cleaned my office and rearranged a bit. I pulled my books and journals and Bibles from various places and gathered them here.

Here is my well. 

Early in the morning, I bring my tea and write, then wait quietly,read, ponder, listen, and pray. 

Today's reading centered in Ann Voskamp's devotional. She spoke about Hagar in the wilderness, the place where she sat with loss of the life she'd known and loss of hope.

Until God showed up. He brought hope and promises and something else. 

There was nothing special about Hagar to us, maybe even to Hagar herself. Yet God saw her. 
He met her at a well in the wilderness.

Hagar named the well, "Well of the Living One who sees me."

I pray for a young woman I spoke to at church yesterday. She needs to know God sees her. I pray she will meet his angel today. I pray she will know God sees her and cares. I pray she will see her well and drink.

I move into March, knowing He sees me. 

He sees you too. Where is your well?


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