Sunday, March 13, 2016

Celebrating Small, Simple and Stillness

Long quiet days linked my last post to this one. 

I managed to maintain my stretching habits this week but how I miss going to the gym! The battle to overcome acid reflux has been fierce. The last thing a person wants in northern Maine in winter is too much time on her hands without exercise and energy. The result is emotional low and self introspection.

I return again and again to Emily Freeman's book, Simply Tuesday. I mentioned it in an earlier post. Her writings calm me and give me peace in these days where I feel downhearted and anything but productive. I am reminded the little everyday acts are filled with God.

 I celebrate the small insignificant moments that brought me joy.
  • lunch with mom
  • playing with watercolors
  • yoga with Kate
  • reading in the afternoon
  • watching The Voice with hubby
  • a phone call with a friend

I read an article today that described me to a T. The article posted by FitLifeTV talked about people who are empaths and tend to carry the emotions and struggles of others, striving to "fix it." I've done this all my life to my detriment. 

It's time for change. 

I embrace my smallness and the blessing of being in my home. I sit here Sunday morning, missing church because of the time change, basking in stillness. I listen to the wind blow outside as I think about warming soup for lunch. 

I try not to dwell anymore on the craziness in the political scene or worry about my children or stress over my husband's weariness or figure out what our future looks like...

Instead I sit quietly in the moment and breathe, allowing a smile to grace my face.

I pray a simple prayer.

Lord, heal my soul as well as my body. Enable me to let go continually, to shed all that doesn't belong to me. Let your Voice rise above the fray. Teach me your ways, the path of trust. Amen.

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