Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Power and Presence

I am totally resisting posting another picture of snow, which I awoke to this morning. Icy roads, blowing snow, and some nearby communities on flood watch. I am posting a picture instead of a sunset in Bar Harbor from last summer. I loved this picture. Finally today I ordered a curved glass photo of this on Shutterfly to remind me everyday how much I loved the experience of taking those photographs and enjoying the moment of peace and beauty.

I told you that I would keep you posted on my intentions for the week and fasting the news. It has been amazing. First of all, after two days, I noticed a difference in myself. I haven't felt so heavy hearted. Last night instead of the news and before the Voice, we watched an amazing cinematographer and the photos he took in slow motion. This was on Oprah's Soul Sunday and I had taped it. It was gorgeous! Rather than crying over the horrible tragic events of the day, I was celebrating the beauty available to us. 

Then today I watched several videos on Easter week with Rick Renner who knows the original meaning of the scripture because he knows the language so well that it was written in. I studied a bit as well.

When Jesus left Gethsemane, the place where he struggled to the point of sweating blood (which does happen medically), he moved into a place of Power and Presence elevated. Hundreds of soldiers fell to the ground in that Presence and Power when Jesus said two words - I AM. He healed a man's ear, a boy was raised from the dead (possibly the naked boy with the linen cloth),  and later Pontius Pilate was amazed and shocked by Jesus. Pilate was one of the cruelest rulers in Roman authority, yet after Jesus refused to defend himself three times, which is automatic guilty in their court, Pilate fought for him not to be crucified. That was not the norm for Pilate. There must have been an incredible Power and Presence of God. 

What struck me was that the Power and Presence factor seemed to be revealed more clearly after the surrender in the garden. Oh, I love that thought. Following a season of surrender, a season of the Presence and Power of God more clearly revealed in my life.

My intention for this week - to walk in God's favor, open and wholehearted.  Continually turning my thoughts to these words is making an impression on my path, on my choices, on my spirit.

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  1. That's a gorgeous photo. Your news fasting experiment sounds interesting. I seldom turn on the TV, and certainly not for the news. We also don't get the paper. I stay abreast via Twitter and my Yahoo homepage. That way, I can pick and choose the stories I want to dive into.


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