Sunday, April 13, 2014

To Dance Once Again

I imagine that I am getting as tired of posting snow photos as you are of looking at them. This one was taken yesterday when it was sunny but it has been snowing the past three hours here again today.

Hubby has been sick all weekend, so he spent most of the time sleeping, which he is doing right now. We were supposed to go to Portland to my grandson's birthday party and my daughter-in-law's pageant, but we cancelled. Hubby wanted to press through but I couldn't get peace about it. The minute we decided to stay home, the peace came. I don't understand it totally, but I know he needs the rest.

It has been hard today, to know that we are missing an important time in Lori's life. I'm sure our grandson was too busy with friends to really miss us, but we missed being there for him, too.  It is not always comfortable to do what peace commands. 

I remember telling my hubby years ago that it would not always be easy to travel back and forth as we get older. I was hoping to nudge him into a move closer to our kids at the time. Now here we are.

Our hearts are heavy for Hubby's sister and her spouse today as well. They are going through a seriously difficult time in their lives with physical battles. 

So I opened Ann's book to Chapter 5. (One Thousand Gifts)

"And every moment is a message from the Word-God who can't stop writing his heart."

I know His heart is love. 

I think of the terrible bus crash this week and the teens that lost their lives or our military being under fire on our home soil or the high school student who took a bullet for his best friend. What is happening in our country? We are surrounded with heartbreak. 

This is hard eucharisteo.

Are you crying Jesus? Is your heart breaking for a world so broken? A world that struggles to receive your love? 

"I'm right here." 

I hear you whisper.  

There are days that life hides grace, the wearing of each moment and trial as heavy armor, causing plodding steps. 

A friend tells me she danced in church today, hooking arms with a sister, giggling like four- year- olds. I forget what it's like to giggle. My dancing shoes, wherever they are, lie covered with dust. 

This is the year of double. He is the God of restoration, of divine reversals.

 In this week leading to Easter, I ask for resurrection power to touch my soul, hubby's soul, bodies and eyes and hearts with grace. Restore dance to our feet and giggles to our lips, Jesus. You turned water to wine at a wedding. Why? They would have survived without it. You entered their celebration, undergirded their joy. Jesus,  we need  Easter miracles, joy deposits, water into wine.

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