Monday, April 14, 2014

Setting Intentions

I'm writing this post on Monday afternoon but you will see it on Tuesday. When I wrote to you this morning, I was talking about fog. This afternoon the sun is shining bright and beautiful! When this posts on Tuesday the forecast is for major rain. So there's the weather here in northern Maine.

I've been thinking about something my trainer said to me about setting our intentions. This morning i searched for words to describe my intentions for this week. It's a little test as to whether this has any effect on my life or not.

My words are Favor, Open, Wholehearted.

I am going to be on the watch for God's favor this week, his love and care in the big and little things.
I'm going to be open to new things, new ways, new people and healthy foods.
I am going to gauge what I do and how I feel by this word- wholehearted.

I recall a little phrase that I used to say all the time- "What I need comes to me." Pondering that puts me on the lookout for God's provision.

One thing about being open is knowing what to be closed to i.e. toxic pictures, people, and foods. 

I'm setting an intention to fast the news for this Easter week. I don't even like it, but Hubby does and its something we do each evening as we eat supper. This week I suggested we forego the news and try a few different things. I taped Jesus of Nazareth, which is hours long, so that's an option. We could go visit a friend if Hubby feels better, or try a drive, weather cooperating. I am praying over this one, for sure.

So we will see how it goes. I will keep you posted.

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