Sunday, April 20, 2014

Chicken Soup, Snow, and a Little Prayer

Here is the scene from my front window this week. Winter doesn't want to let go and people are groaning under the burden. Slippery roads, chilling temperatures, and lack of sunshine are dampening spirits. It's been a difficult April as we long for spring.

My words for this week's intentions were:


If you read my posts from last week, you may notice that the first three words were my intention last week. This week I added knowing. I was in the midst of a quiet meditation and that word dropped into my spirit.

I often turned my thoughts toward these words each day. They seemed to ground me. 

I also found my prayers formed by Psalm 91 daily, especially for my granddaughter who has many things changing and happening for her right now. What I loved was how worry grew wings and took to flight as I prayed for her each morning. 
I prayed Jeremiah 29:11-12 over my daughter and family, the Numbers blessing over my family, Psalm 92 and Psalm 112 over hubby and I, and a number of promises over my sons and their families. 

I've been fighting an achy flulike bug the last few days, so chicken soup was on the menu. I love to read but honestly I am getting stiff and sore from sitting in this chair. I found myself here at 2:00 this morning when I couldn't sleep. 

The forecast is snow again tomorrow. Oh, I do pray that this is the last of it. Then  I think of those experiencing terrible storms in our country and whisper a quick prayer of thanksgiving for my blessings.

My quote for the week came from a pastor. He said God's words to him were, " I didn't bring you here to fix this church but to love the people."

Words to live by. Stop trying to fix people, just love them.

That's a taste of my week. Until next time.

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