Friday, February 3, 2017

January's "Yes" List

In January, I made an Absolute Yes List. 

Years ago, my list helped me to make decisions on how to use my time wisely. I got the idea from a book by Cheryl Richardson. Here's how it works.

Make a list of five things that are non-negotiables for you, yet often get pushed to the back burner. Live by this list. Focus on living out your Yes list and saying No to distractions and diversions.

Of course, life happens and some days crisis and responsibilities take precedence. Facebook is not a crisis or responsibility! :) Don't let social media or Netflix overtake your Yes, unless it makes the list.

Here's mine:

1. My time with the Lord every morning.
2. Movement 
3. Write & Create
4. Clear space in my home
5. Important Realtionships 

January was a tough month for me. Physical Therapy and health dominated my thoughts. Yet I made progress in my Yes List.

1. Somedays my quiet time was limited but for the most part, constant.

2. This is the area I fell short in. I made steps toward doing better by purchasing a FITBIT which I set up yesterday. Fingers crossed I get back to the gym.

3. I finished and submitted my manuscript plus a lot of extras to go along with it. I also spent an afternoon creating an art journal page, my first in years!

4. My office doubles as my Pray/Write/Create area. Last Saturday I spent hours weeding out and organizing. Yay!

5. This is a tough one. I found myself hibernating because of my weariness from pain and the weather. We made it to church New Years Day. We did travel to my granddaughter's 21st birthday, which was a lot of fun! I made myself reach out and phone friends I knew were having a rough time. Improvement needed for sure.

I take comfort in the words Holy Spirit whispered to me on Monday. 

I order your steps.

Psalm 37:23 tells me He guards, directs, establishes and delights in my steps, depending on which translation you read. 

The Amplified Translation adds "He blesses my path."

This path I am walking through the wilderness is blessed. I am resting on this promise.


  1. I guess great minds really do think alike, Paula. I did not make a Yes list, per se, but I recently realized that I need to spend at least 15 minutes a day in five areas of my life I have deemed important: 1. prayer; 2. photography; 3. reading; 4. writing; 5. art. Some days are better than others, but holding myself accountable makes a big difference. Congratulations on submitting your manuscript! That's incredibly exciting.

  2. Hi Paula...I have been listening to an audio book entitled Mini Habits..the idea is to commit to much smaller increments and set much smaller goals knowing once you get started everything takes on a life of its own. An example is commit to drive to the gym not to the 45 minute workouto and just see what happens. In the case of writing commit to 5 minutes or commit to picking up the pen and doodling for one minute. You get the idea..I have committed to walking and swimming everyday while I am here
    .it is so much easier here in the warm weather than it is to do back home. I am reading about one minute interval exercises so maybe I will commit to that when I get back.

    1. Great idea! I look forward to hearing more


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