Sunday, November 6, 2016

Simple Treasures

I was on my way to the funeral of a 95 -yr - old lady from the church we used to attend.  Snow had been spitting from the sky and temps were cold, so I donned my black boots and warmer clothing. The last thing I expected to greet me as I exited the car was a colorful pile of leaves under my feet. I quickly snatched my iPhone from my pocket and snapped a photo, with a smile on my face.

Leaves conjure up good memories. I remember as a little girl coloring around leaves in school. As an adult, I loved leaf projects with my own children, including jumping in the piles.

This day was full of memories as I visited with old friends at calling hours. Young adults I once taught in Sunday School shared about their families and their lives. 

Treasures can be found in the most unexpected places if we but slow down and listen. 

Sunday is a busy day for many who still have to work or serve in some capacity. For me, the Sabbath has become a place of rest and recharging. Today my rest will include church. Some Sundays, we choose to remain at home if I see Hubby is in need of extra sleep. 

We all need a day to reflect and recharge. 

I read a quote recently from Eugene Peterson. 

"Busyness is an illness of the spirit."

Now I know we are all wired differently, but I believe the statement leans toward the side of truth.
At least for me. I need quietness and solitude to stay connected with myself, the real me. When I live in the noise of other peoples opinions or the frenzy of media and world events, I tend to flow with the stream around me. I want to walk before the Lord in step with his kingdom principles. 

Quiet time grounds me.

I talked to a lady at the funeral who recently had emergency surgery. She said looking back she realized her body was trying to tell her something but she wouldn't listen.

How often over the years I did the same thing!

When I hear young women learning to take care of themselves and their families, using wisdom in answering the constant demands upon their lives, I give thanks. 

I wish I could go back and do the same. Maybe you do, too. The important thing is to start where we are now.

On this Sabbath, make a block of time to return to rest, doing something you delight in, enjoying family, reading a good book, or taking a walk. Whisper a prayer of gratitude as you do so.

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