Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Room to Breathe : Lessons Learned in October

Each month I write in my journal the name of the month, a scripture and a theme phrase. My word for October was "Breathing Room." September held many challenges and rough roads, therefore I stepped gently into October with a sigh of relief. Somehow I knew this month would be different.

First things first:

I needed to return to some semblance of routine and getting back to the gym was at the top of my list. I walked all summer outdoors with a friend. Now I donned my headset and entered time set apart for me, alone except for other walkers. A full hour where I was unreachable. 

I thrive in quietness. 

Distractions come in bundles, one after another. I must choose what is best over good. The desire for human interaction overwhelms me at times. I pray for wisdom. I am always going to have people in my life but praying for balance is important. God has pruned this area of my daily routine for months. I didn't understand why until this past week, but that's another blog post.

I move with rhythms of the seasons.

I spent many years fighting each transition but this year I am moving in a grace I hadn't known before. My windows are closed in the morning now and I switch my little heater on as I enter my office where I meet with the Lord each day. Cloudy skies and nearly bare branches have replaced bright yellow flowers outside my window. I'm okay with the change. Perhaps the fact that we had a full beautiful summer and glorious autumn helps with the shifting, but I think my inner woman is ready to draw inside, to connect with heaven's rhythms for this season in my life.

God really does give us our hearts desires - in His timing.

Lily loves animals and recently began horse riding lessons, fulfilling her heart's desire. What a joy to watch her ride!

I've been experiencing an odd mix of desires thwarted and desires granted. One door I was sure would open recently closed. My heart longed for this particular change for years.  Hubby and I were certain this was the time. Yet the answer was NO.
Right on the heels of my NO, another door opened I least expected, fulfilling a desire I'd thought might never occur.

Proverbs 3:5-6 was my guide throughout October. 

"Trust in the Lord with all your heart and don't lean on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him and He will direct your paths."

I'm learning to live beyond what I see and feel, looking beyond the immediate with eyes of faith. 
Learning is the key word here, a lifelong process.

What did you learn in October?


  1. I identify with you on so many levels while reading this post....Being a horse lover myself, I am so glad Lily likes riding and is able to take lessons...That's just wonderful.

    My October has been one of pain, rest, frustration, and lots of messages and quiet time with the Lord. While I have been down with my knee replacement, he has shown me so many things and I am excited to get on with His plans....

    I have closed my "nancithomas' blog and will occasionally post on Created for a Journey. I never closed it and find I want the freedom to post when the urge hits....

  2. Thanks for reaching out to me on my blog-- I'm so glad I found yours!! I think we are both in the same time of life!! I loved your words as they expressed so many of my thoughts!!! Keep writing!


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