Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Last Week of 2015

I love the transition week after Christmas.

Hubby and I traveled to our children homes over the holiday, spending time with our five grandchildren. Once again I was fighting  physical afflictions, but joy pressed through via hugs, games, movies, good food and "just the right gifts."

We are home now and I've spent several hours in the office over the past two days, but this afternoon I picked up my knitting and watched the last Christmas movie on my DVR. I will finish reading my final Christmas book this week too. Saturday the tree with its twinkling lights will be undressed and carried away.

I set aside a few hours on Sunday to create Vision cards for the year ahead. In the past, each New Year's Eve I dug out all my goodies needed in making a dream board for the coming year. This year, I opted to begin with large index cards , mini dream boards, each depicting an area of focus for 2016. Actually I let the creative process flow but the finished cards ( there are 10) aligned with my focus areas plus two surprises.

I am pondering how much time I want to dedicate to blogging in the year ahead. As this quiet week comes to a close along with 2015, I plan to spend time looking over my goals and searching my heart for the things I value and love.

Closing 2015, many thanks go out to my few faithful blog followers. Thanks for sticking with me. Rest and regroup with me carrying a grateful heart, letting go of those unwanted weighted thoughts and unhappy memories of 2015, gathering the good ones in my arms and looking ahead with hope.


  1. I am so glad you got to spend time with your kids and grand kids over Christmas. They always make us feel better no matter what is going on , uh? I too am using this week to ponder about direction for 2016. I need to take your lead and create some vision cards. I have all these ideas in my head but way too often because I don't write them down they never get started. I pray your new year will be full of good health, and blessings beyond measure....I treasure your friendship and I don't want to loose contact with you....Hugs

  2. I've missed your posts, Paula. Have you come to any conclusions about continued blogging?


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