Saturday, March 7, 2015

What is Negotiable?

"Write it down, make it happen" is the title of a book and a principle that has worked for me. Getting back to writing morning pages reconnected me with this practice. On Monday morning I wrote two lists in my journal. The first was a list of things I'd like to accomplish this month, the other list narrowed it down to the week ahead. Today I checked off every single item I'd written down for the week. 

Here's the good part - I didn't strive to make it happen. I wrote it down, prayed over my week, checked the list twice throughout and kept moving. I completed my final goal last night as I tied the last blanket I was making. I snapped a few selfies for Water Your Mama Soul and spent time working my way through COMPEL 201. I even managed to squeeze in times of rest.

Admittedly, the week wasn't without its challenges. I am still fighting this cold thing, mainly in my ears and head. Last week I had planned to take my mom to Portland to stay with my brother who recently had open heart surgery. I cancelled due to the week's adventures so the expectation was that I would take her down this week. We are talking about a five hour drive one way. I knew I wasn't up to it but I struggled with the decision to tell mom no. I wavered back and forth. Was this a negotiable? 

Right in the middle of my quandary, a friend of mine called and graciously offered to take mom next Friday. I was beyond grateful but the experience got me to thinking about what is negotiable and what is nonnegotiable. Next week I begin a month of a serious writing course along with COMPEL.  

Discerning what I can say no to and having the courage to say it are key for me this month. 

I made a financial commitment to this course so that it would force me to live more purposefully where it concerns writing. For years I've placed my writing dreams on the back burner. Now is the time to move them forward. 

How do you decide between negotiable and non-negotiables in your daily life? I will be pondering and journaling more on this topic. Let me know what you think.

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  1. I love the part about writing down your goals and that they happened without you having to push and pull.....I need to try this.....As far as what is negotiable and non-negotiable is hard for me. I have always put my "goals" on the back burner to be ever preset for my hubby and kids and now grand kids and whatever they may need. I have in the last couple of years been more mindful and tried to put some of my "stuff" on the calendar but I am afraid that old need "to be needed" is strong and I continue to struggle with this issue. I love visiting you because you always make me think and you seem to be struggling with just the issues I need to address in my own life.....Hope you are over your 'head' stuff soon.....


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