Sunday, February 16, 2014

Joy Here in the Mundane - Snow, Baskets, Books, and Bravery

This is what most of the weekend looked like from my front window. I have a card table set up right beside it where I am working on my second puzzle of the winter.  It's been a quiet week here at home. I've been working away at several neglected projects. There was the purple basket upstairs containing summer clothes waiting to be tucked away. Then I found the pile of laundry never tended that contained a badly needed pair of work pants purchased months ago for hubby, unworn. I filled the empty picture frame that's been hanging on the wall empty for over a year and added a new frame. 

Wednesday I braved the cold to take my mom to lunch and make a visit to the only second-hand bookstore in our area, actually the only bookstore up here in rural northern Maine. It was so cold in the store Mom said she wouldn't be able to stand it for long. The old furnace that was heating the building came on with a bang every few minutes. I found myself offering a prayer for safety in the midst of the bookshelves. We made it out intact, our arms loaded with a mixture of fiction and Christian fiction novels at great prices. Needless to say we blasted the heater on our ride home.

I spent a couple afternoons reading and most mornings found me in my green chair, Bible, journal and books spread out before me. The Olympics have been the icing on the cake this week.

I am finding new joy in being home, performing the mundane tasks once taken for granted. 

There are always challenges. I miss my girls immensely and regret my inability to be there and help with Lily and overloaded schedules, sick days and snow cancellations. I also continue to fight the constant battle in my body as I await a new surgery date. 

My mind is racing with thoughts from the Lord I'd like to share but this post has already gone too long. Meanwhile I continue to be reminded of my one little word for this year. HERE.

Here I am on February 16, 2014
two days after Valentine's Day
Sunday snowstorm day
my son's birthday
47 days into the year
on the eve of a brand new week.

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  1. It sounds like a good week to me; time well spent. I am sorry about your foot and I hope you get a surgery date soon. I know after spending so much time with Lily you must miss her so much...


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