Saturday, October 1, 2016

Stepping Gently

In some ways, I welcome October. September was a rough month. 

If you read my last post, things didn't get any better. My mom landed in the ER twice. My daughter had surgery and I came down with a fierce cold (which I'm still fighting) so I couldn't help her at all. 

I knew the joy I'd gained in the summer months was tender and vulnerable, so fresh and new. I didn't want to lose my joy, so I found my self grasping with both hands and trying to hold on. 

Rest is found in the letting go.

Yesterday in Journal Club, Jamie gave us two questions to write about. 

"What is it time for me to release?"

I knew it was time to let go of summer and all its joy, with gratitude.

"What is it time for me to begin?"

This was harder. I listened. I knew I needed room to breathe. Even my body was sending this message.

Words whispered in my spirit.

Embrace your life, finding the quiet spaces where they are. No fighting for them, just moving into them.

 I step gently into October. 

My eyes rest upon the scripture I found yesterday.

"I will bless the Lord who guides me; even at night my heart instructs me." Psalm 16:7 NLT

In the night seasons, my heart will instruct me.

Help me to step gently and listen to the whispers.


  1. really enjoyed your blogpost Paula. It resonated with me, lately I have been trying to befriend rest and quiet time instead of resisting it.

  2. How beautifully put Paula, I have been given a total upset and change in my life, that has taken all my everything, energy, time, emotions. I am slowly trying to find my way back to me. I hope it is okay, I wrote down one of your phrases in my planner as a quote - "Embrace your life ... just moving into them." and put your name under it so gave you credit. This is the most important thing I have to remember, to go slow, take my time let it unfold. Dianne

  3. You really touched a cord with me today....Letting go and what is it time to begin.....I know I need to let go of; it's just hard...and what to begin...well I am thinking on that one....Oct is going to be a month of struggle for me as I am having a partial knee replacement on Wed so I know I will be spending the month getting back to "normal"...I would appreciate your prayers....I will be praying for you as October unfolds and that you joy will be complete.....Hugs


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