Monday, June 6, 2016

Discovering Podcasts

A world of information, community and joy has opened to me recently in the form of podcasts. 

I always had a few go-to podcasts on my phone like iBethel and EMIC plus Creative Living with Jamie. but wasn't aware that anything else existed. Then I stumbled across "What Should I Read Next?" with Anne Bogel. This led me to a few more discoveries. Here they are.

What Should I Read Next?

I absolutely love this podcast! I devoured episode after episode until I was completely caught up to date. In this podcast Anne interviews guests with a few simple questions. 

What are 3 books you love, a book you hate and what are you reading now. Anne then recommends three reads to her guest to try. 

My love for reading stepped up to another level. I quickly ordered "The Kitchen House," a novel about slavery on a plantation and the complex relationships crossing racial borders. Also "All The Light You Cannot See"  a World War II novel that I couldn't put down. I will tell you more in the future about these books.

I dug out a classic "To Kill a Mockingbird" and a long must-read copy of Harry Potter. These are on my summer reading to do list.

I love this podcast! Did I mention that? :) 

I ordered my books very cheap on

~ The Healthy Mom's Podcast

Although my family is grown, I find the Healthy info interesting and informative.

~ Sorta Awesome

I've only listened to a few so far, but I'm enjoying them. While working in the office today, I listened to the episode on " Ten Friends Every Woman Needs."

~ HopeWriters

I love Emily Freeman's books! This podcast is done by Emily, her dad and her sister- possibly more. I've just discovered it. A great podcast for writers of all kinds.

~ On Being &
The Simple Show

The jury is out on these two podcasts so far as I am still new to them.

~ The Happy Hour with Jamie Ivey

So far I like what I'm hearing! Love episode #90 with Lauren Chandler.

Check them out at iTunes or in your app store for more information. And please, if you have a favorite share with me in the comments section.

Happy Podcasting!

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