Thursday, February 4, 2016

Support Systems Go


I appreciate my support systems, all the more so as life changes around me. 

Twice a week I pay a trainer to guide me in exericise and nutrition.We have shifted into yoga stretches which are perfect for my body right now. What began as a necessity for a shoulder issue has developed into a precious friendship over the years. 

On the creative side, Jamie Ridler continues to inspire me. Today she hosted an hour online forum about journaling practices. Journaling is a mainstay in my life. The workshop was a great reminder of why I keep the practice in my morning routine. I write in a simple black journal with lines every day. I love my visual journal as well, yet it is more of a monthly practice right now.

Spiritually, Beth Moore has always been an inspiration as well as BVOV network, but lately I've returned to a quieter simple Bible reading and devotional.

Emotionally I have a couple of go-to friends who live long distance. One phone call has the power to brighten my day.

On Day 4, I continue to eat healthy and return to gratitude.

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