Monday, June 2, 2014

Lesson in the Wet Blankets

The morning began so well, my sacred-alone time filled with peace. Knowing I had several errands to run before noon, my plan was to leave the house by 10:00. Then my washer stuck on one cycle. We  closed my little apartment on the weekend and two quilts from there were being soaked again and again, but never spinning. Hubby came through the door about that time with a non-helpful comment ( not that any comment would have been helpful right at that point). My knee jerk reaction, as I was pressed for time, was to cancel my monthly massage appointment at noon.

"Why do I always have to give up my stuff?" I whined.

That was my story. 

But I didn't  believe it this time, not fully.

It was too late for errands, but I could still pick up graduation cards and head to Leslie's for my massage.

Let it go. 

June's mantra and one of this week's intention words.

I grabbed my car keys, marched past the basket of soggy quilts and drove to town.

My massage was the best I'd had in months. Tension began to leave my back and shoulders.

When I returned home, the wet blankets were right where I'd left them.  I drained the little hose on my washer and said a prayer. Don't laugh! 

I threw in a pair of hubby's work clothes for a test run. 

The washer worked perfectly.

The story I was telling myself was pure fiction. I didn't even realize that it was a story until putting pen to paper.

Let it Go is the theme for Liz Lamoreux's "Hand to Heart" this month. You might like to check it out.

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