Thursday, June 30, 2016

What I Learned in June

Life is more like a rhythm to move with.

June was an incredibly full month with many responsibilities, a few surprises and renewed joy. Hubby and I were treated to the Waterfront concert in Bangor by our daughter. The performer was Dolly Parton and she was absolutely delightful! As you can see in the pic, it was a cold windy evening but a lot of fun.

I find myself enjoying the altar of my desk each morning more and more. Some days I fit in fifteen minutes to begin my day with prayer. The mornings I can leisurely sit here for two hours are my favorites.

I am leading a small Bible Study on Priscilla Shirer's "Armor of God." This is a good companion to her book Fervent. Given a choice I recommend the book.

We had our foundation worked on this month too so I have been in a mess! No washer for 10 days, dirt tracked in regularly, and various musty smells from wind blowing up through open cellar.  Not great for a woman sensitive to allergies! All in all, I managed to learn a few lessons, maintain a rhythm and practice gratitude.

Here are a few things I learned in June:
  • My Year of Yes is an effective tool! 
In May I made a decision to say yes to what matters to me. To what I love, to adventure, to things that normally make me afraid. For a year. 
I have become more confident in my choices. I find I am not waiting to matter to someone else and being disappointed because I matter to me. 

  • Forget the Pools!
I signed up for Emily Freeman's audio scripture meditations. In one of them, she made a piercing statement: forget the pools. Emily was describing the man by the pool of Bethesda waiting to be healed if only someone would put him in the pool. Then he met Jesus. I realized there were pools in my life that I turn to for various needs, only to discover they fall far short. I love the mantra- Forget the Pools!

  • The Holy Spirit does the impossible, AKA- I can give up chocolate.
After struggling with acid reflux for months, I made a few drastic changes in my diet. Chocolate has always been my love and my nemesis. Finally after a horrible attack, I asked God to take over and remove this addiction. As simple as the prayer I prayed, He did!

  • Setting intentions still works for me.
Every week I write out my intentions and check in now and then. It works!

  • I am learning to protect my heart.
When I am feeling hurt, rejected or overlooked, I bring those feelings to the Lord and remember I matter to me and that's enough. Somehow this knowledge helps me to know I matter to God.

  • God works while I pray, wait, and trust. He loves to surprise me!
I have been praying for a family member for months with a directive from God to wait. June was the month of turnaround.
I also prayed for Mom for a heart procedure she was having done. We drove the three hours to Bangor, staying in a motel for the night, expecting perhaps another night on top of that. A brilliant cardiologist decided to run a few more tests and sent us home without the heart cath and a clean slate. (well other than new BP medication and instructions). What a blessing!

  • Journal, journal journal!
Journaling is a valuable practice in my life and I wouldn't be without it. I joined Jamie Ridler's Journal Club this month. even though I keep missing the live feed because of traveling, its a lot of fun!

I cannot believe I am saying goodbye to June already but what a  jam-packed month of joy even in the midst of chaos and challenges!


  1. Congratulations on your great month and all the progress you made in so many areas of your life, Paula! There may be a few lessons in your post for me. Thank you. Oh, and I'm glad your mom got out of the heart cath.


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