Monday, February 1, 2016

It's Only 21 Days!

(organic pea sprouts, grilled chicken (hormone free), mushrooms, apples, avocado and a tiny bit of raspberry walnut dressing)

I pulled the covers over my head, knowing I would never go back to sleep. 

February first.

The month of February loomed like a mountain in front of me, my new-year-momentum drained by a cold and reoccurring bout of acid reflux. My mind swirled with the thoughts of my busy week ahead.

Then I remembered a blog I read the day before - 21 days of eating clean.

21 days.

Somehow 21 days seemed more doable than a whole month.

21 days of eating clean. No sugar, processed foods, etc. I could do that.

I opened my email to read my daily devotional from if:equip. Just above was an email from the You Bible - 21 day devotional plan.

Okay I can do that. I have my own devotional style and rhythm but it would be good to try something new.

21 days. 

Let's see if I can blog for 21 days :)

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