Sunday, November 22, 2015

Mending the Soul

I have nothing to bring you, Lord,
 after 63 years of raising a family, of ministry
empty- handed
except my faith
battered and worn.

I'll take it 
 a living sacrifice, wholly, acceptable
You see this as nothing.
I see it as everything.

I've been knitting a lot of late. The project I am working on presented more challenges than I expected. The stitches are small and Ive strained to find my way when taking them out several times to correct mistakes. 

My soul work has been a lot like my knitting. Focused, discouraging, starting again, keep moving.


  1. I know the feeling but thank goodness it doesn't end with us but with Him. I hope you have a blessed Thanksgiving....

  2. I love this, Paula. Instead of picking up my camera, I've been spending my spare time reading, thinking, and writing about art, truth, and beauty, specifically contemplating how beauty can lead us to God, the Creator of this magnificent world. One of the concepts I've been focusing on is the notion of praising God by being fully what he asks us to be, and this is what you're getting at here (if I'm reading it correctly). In my journal, I've copied down an excerpt from Magnificat, which is a monthly magazine that contains the prayers and Masses for each day. Here it is: "All creation sings praise to God simply by being fully what the Creator intended. Obedience to God's designs is in itself an act of worship. Worship without obedience is merely hollow flattery. Yet both worship and obedience are less than Christian if they do not spring from the one root, love of God." Just keep being you. It's enough.


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