Friday, October 30, 2015

What I Learned in October

Today I am joining Emily's "What We Learned in October." I love the idea of looking back over this gorgeous month, gleaning the treasures - some evident, some hidden under a bit of pain or a dark cloud. Here are a few of the lessons I walked through in October, carrying them with me into the new month.

  •  I gain time when I slow down. 
I know it sounds crazy! I find the more I grasp for time, the more it slips from my fingers. When I breathe and believe, I'm able to move into more space. 
Ann Voskamp says, "in Christ, we fill - gaining time." 
How is that possible? Picture setting our clocks back this weekend and gaining an hour. There is something magical about sinking into the present moment, rather than always reaching for the golden ring beyond our fingertips.

  •  A shift in perspective creates space. (See my gym time as "me time.")
I knew it was time to get back to walking at the gym. The weather has grown too cold for outdoor hikes here in northern Maine. I made it there twice this week. Popping my headset on, I found inspiration and a place where none can reach me for thirty minutes. Yay!

  • Sometimes what we think we need to do isn't really what we need at all.  Did you get that? And I call myself a writer! Sigh.
Last weekend Hubby and I were to attend a wedding. On the same day a friend of mine was speaking at a women's meeting, which I assumed I wouldn't be able to attend. She'd spent hours and days creating a gigantic anchor from paper mache and crafting her talk. I wanted to share in her joy.
All week long a gentle prompting to plan to attend nudged me. Thus on Saturday morning I headed for the meeting, finding encouragement and many beautiful moments. Hubby came down with a bad cold and cough so we never made the wedding (they had over 200 guests so we weren't missed.)

  • Balance is a process.
I keep bumping into the word "balance." First it was on Jamie Ridler's blogpost where she describes balance a bit differently than I'd heard before. I watched her video several times, especially the section on letting go and taking in. 
While working on my collage journal "balance" captured my attention.
Then one morning I turned on the television to find Joyce Meyer speaking right to me about taking care of myself through exercise, rest and eating.

  • Family is worth the trip, even on bumpy roads.
I know this sounds a bit simple but this month was both a tough one and a wonderful one with my family. Family can be messy and hard and hurtful, calling for grace and forgiveness and a lot of 
love- overlooking- stuff.  Then the moments of pure joy break upon us, making it all worth the journey. 

  • I can make a video! Hooray.
Check out this blogpost. 

Hope you enjoyed a peek into the lessons I'm learning. Feel free to share with me.


  1. I love the balance thing. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Slowing down was a key reminder for me too this month. Coming over from Emily's link list and glad to read your October lessons. I really enjoy doing this practice each month and finding new sites like yours! Blessings!

  3. I love looking back over the past month and examining where we feel like we improved and where we need improvement....It sounds like you had a great month. Just slowing down is such a biggie.....


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