Sunday, October 18, 2015

Journal Showdown - Take 3


Perfectionist tendencies grasp my arm, screaming, "Make another one! You'll get it right this time."

I am ignoring her taunts and posting my first ever video for Jamie Ridler's Journal Showdown. I'm trusting you faithful - readers- of- my- blog for grace :)

I referenced Jamie's studio with the wrong URL so here's the right one -

I need to film sideways, smile more and look in the right place. Any suggestions welcome :)

My Little Blue Book

Thanks for joining me!


  1. Yay!! I'm so excited that you've made your first video. I watched it and commented directly on YouTube but I wanted to celebrate with you here too! ((bighugs))

  2. What a delightful look at your journals!

  3. I'd never have guessed this was your first video, Paula -- very well done. And thank you so much for letting us look at your journals. I just LOVE seeing not just what kind of journals other people use, but what they use them FOR. And how they use them -- daily, weekly, now & again, or throughout the day. I find it amusing that so many of us love journals -- the actual physical books themselves -- so much, and keep buying new ones that catch our eye, ready to be used. Thank goodness I'm not alone in my addiction! Have a great weekend with your grandkids. [This may be a double post -- if so, apologies!]

  4. Love the way you've shared your journals. Your 5 years journal is a wonderful idea, and I'm afraid it will be another journal in my house !!!!

  5. Loved your video, and getting a look at all of your wonderful journals! I think you did a great job, by the way!

  6. Paula, you did a great job with your first video. I thought I had a lot of journals but I think you might have more.....

  7. Paula, you have a wonderful presence on video! You very natural sounding and so relaxing to listen to..I've noticed, that the little things we don't on video, we start to correct automatically from re-watching it..keep going!

  8. I can only echo everyone - you did wonderful and I can't believe either, that it's your first one! I enjoyed seeing your journals!


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