Sunday, May 24, 2015

A Surprise Guest at My Garden Hop

I tried my hand at making a video for  Jamie Ridler's Garden Hop. I thought I had it mastered but when I tried to post it, much to my dismay, there was no sound. Maybe next time.

Here's a photo of a few of my seedlings going in the ground this week. This is my first try at planting seedlings so fingers crossed

It's been a cold and windy spring here in northern Maine, but a few perennials are showing signs of life.

My first perennial to show her blossoms this year.

These are the same perennials covered with snow on Saturday morning!

Here is my little wet and shivering visitor who perched outside my kitchen window all morning until the snow stopped. I think the eaves above offered protection from the storm. 

This isn't the post I planned but hope you enjoyed a sneak peek at my garden.


  1. Keep the snow in Maine! It's nice here in Montana.

  2. Yay Paula! Soon the warm up will arrive and everything will burst! Thank you for sharing! xo adrea

  3. Oh, my!! What weather! Thank you for sharing despite it not giving you a break! I'm sorry to hear about the sound but totally impressed that you braved the video! I'll look forward to it next time :) And wow, that bird! Look at the little shelter of safety you gave to that little Boo. Thank you for being a part of the blog hop! May your garden grow beautifully this year and all years :)

  4. While I'm sorry you experienced technical difficulties with your video, I'm so glad you posted photos. What a trickster winter is - refusing to give up gracefully even in May! Here's to plenty of warmth and sunshine now, and happy transplanting to those precious seedlings.


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