Sunday, February 8, 2015

Stones, Stirrings and Stillness

from the IF Gathering site

If I'm honest, after Friday evening's If Gathering Local, I was conflicted.

I watched a generation of young women step up to the plate with a fresh hunger for God and a vision to reach out and help other women both here and abroad. I used to dream of this happening when I was leading Bible Studies with younger women. Over the last couple of years, I began to read the books and blogs of women like Jennie Allen,  Angie Smith and Jen Hatmaker. I recognized the stirrings of God deep within the hearts of a new generation. 


That's the word I came home with Friday night . I knew it was in Joshua but not the exact spot. Don't you love Google, and the Strong's concordance app? 

" That way you will know which way to go since you have never been here before." Joshua 3:4 NCV

I am standing in a new place in my life. I'm stumbling even to write this post. I don't know where I fit.

In this season of life I am living without a script. 

On Saturday I watched the If Gathering Livestream most of the day and into the evening. 

I loved what Lynn Hybels shared. She came into a place where she had to stop everything and sit still. She did this over a period of time until life began to stir within her like a tiny green shoot.

IF closed with the question: What is your place and what word will you write on your rock to mark your next step of faith?

My place is Home and Family right now. My word is REST. 

A strange word for a step of faith. 

Not really.

For me it takes faith to wait, to stay still, to not "do" when there are so many directions I could go.

What is your place and your mark today?

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