Sunday, February 1, 2015

Morning Pages

Not even my restless sleep could steal my anticipation. 

I am returning to morning pages and today is the day. The timing is perfect, ready to begin a new journal. 

I want to make room inside my soul. 

I've been making room in my home these past thirty days. First, my task was cleaning drawers and baskets of clothes sitting full, waiting, taunting. I kept only the clothing I am wearing each day that fits and for the most part that I enjoy wearing.

The second hurdle was the hardest. I love books of many kinds. The books I own are stored in trunks, on bookshelves upstairs and down, on desks and tables. In December I'd already packed two bags for mom and a friend. Yesterday I sat on the floor, handling each book and feeling the joy or lack of. I made a few shelves for favorites, another for keepers, and one for those I want to read. I left my trunks for another time. I filled a bag for the local thrift store and a tote to give to an unknown place as of now.

Making room for new shifted the focus to those books that hold meaning for me in this season.

 I've learned in the past that creating spaces around me causes shifts within.

Today I began writing morning pages once again. This practice clears clutter from my soul, creating space for rest. Perhaps the consistency of pen to page before the day presses in will move me from the shallows of writing into the deep places of heart space. I don't know what this practice holds for me. I only know this feels right.

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  1. I have always believed that I have to get rid of before I can bring more in. Sounds like with all the cleaning you've been doing that you are ready for embrace some new....I haven't done morning pages in a very long time. The practice was always enlighteing so I don't know why I stopped. I will be anxious to see how it goes with you...


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