Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Blue Book of Memories

A little blue book lies on my nightstand.

Each night as I crawl into bed, I take the Sharpie pen my granddaughter gave to me and record the highlights of my day. Recently I noticed I was robotically jotting down non-meaningful events. No matter how hum-drum the day, there are always "ordinary sparkling moments." (Quote from Artful Blogging)

I can describe myself like a pendulum swinging back and forth today, from weariness to gratitude.  By three o'clock, as I waited in the car for my brother to finish the last of his errands,the weariness overtook me. I was also anxious to get home and call the hospital to check on my other brother. I grabbed my phone and shot a text to a friend of mine who enjoying a warmer climate for a couple months. She responded to my text with "give me a call." 

There I was, bundled up for below zero weather behind the steering wheel, staring at the store window, laughing at my friend's adventures and listening to her describe her ocean view. Her joy was contagious. 

All the strain of the day melted away and a gentle warmth settled over me. I spotted my brother heading to the car. I said goodbye and turned back to the task at hand.

The blue book is waiting for me. I will fill the lines with a phone call, lunch with mom, FaceTime with my precious little granddaughter and my brother doing well after surgery.

Nothing earth shattering but ordinary sparkling moments.

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  1. The word that came to mind after reading your post was resilience of the spirit. God always seems to open a window of light to pick us up.....


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