Friday, February 20, 2015

A Little Winter Adventure

Cabin fever was overtaking us.

 By 8:00 a.m. Lily and I had already eaten breakfast, watched a show, and cranked the stereo full blast as we danced around the room to praise music. I couldn't find the CD that I knew was one of her favorites. Then I remembered the yellow case in my car, which was out in the garage. 

We both donned as many clothes as possible and headed out. The snow was up to her knees and nearly past my boots. A foot or more of the white stuff had fallen in the past twenty four hours.

"Let's walk over to Grampy's shop, Lily" 

By the time we'd crossed the yard, I realized the wind was coming up and our faces stung with the cold. I knew Lily would never settle for turning around so I pulled our hoods up and we kept going. 

I took enough pics at the shop to create a Shutterfly album. On the way back, Lily pulled off her mittens. Rather than tug the wet soggy ones back on, I surrendered my warm mittens to her little hands. I had misjudged the cold.  My gloveless hands held her soaking wet mittens and my fingers were already beginning to sting and we were only halfway home. I made another swap of mittens and scooped Lily up in my arms, helping the final steps go much quicker.

I glanced at the garage where the CD we'd wanted still remained. By this time my thumbs were paining. 
I opted to head for the house.

Despite our cold hands, we had a great time. As I write this post, Lily naps quietly beside me, perhaps dreaming of colorful adventures on a white winter day.

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  1. Nice shot of Lily. She is a cutie. Some of the best times are the unplanned ones, aren't they?


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