Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Summer Evening in June

I love summer evenings. 

Tonight I am sitting on my bed with my laptop, catching up on my favorite blogs. Artful Blogging magazine is by my side. I am checking out a new blog "the Rosy Life." 

The book that I am currently reading is also on my pile. "The Perfume Collector" is a novel recommended by a friend who said I just had to read it. I am on page 276 and not completely sold. Normally by page 100, if I don't love it I quit, but since this friend was so adamant and I waited for it at the library, I am pressing through.

June has been a busy month for me so far, yet I am keeping up with the inCourage Book club and Liz Lamoreaux's Hand to Heart this month. Plus I am over on Instagram posting a photo a day for #100 Happy Days and #100 Days of Summer. 

I love taking photos again. For the first time in ages, I took my camera with me today and snapped a photo outside at Mom's of the beautiful blossoms. The tree was filled with bees enjoying the pink sweetness too!

Tonight I spent an hour playing with the Hipstamatic App on my iPhone.  My daughter loves it so I am determined to experiment with it.

My eyes are growing tired and I should have been asleep an hour ago because another early morning awaits me. But I love an evening like this one, nothing pressing in on me, quiet, and just plain fun. :)

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  1. It sounds like a lovely evening, and those pink apple blossoms are beautiful.


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