Sunday, June 22, 2014

Lupine Love

I'd been driving by this little patch of Lupines for several days wanting to stop but it was on a corner and I wasn't sure where to park. Log trucks go by pretty fast on that narrow road and I would be out in the open taking pictures. There were several other spots where Lupines grew wildly, but the colors in this one caught my eye. They were unique. 

Today didn't begin that well. I woke to my ear bothering me from lingering congestion. My thoughts were mired in the past or at the least,  unfruitful paths. I tried sitting with my Bible and prayer. I took a shower. I went in the office and worked on billing until it was done. I read. The shadow lingered.

After lunch I told hubby I had to go for a ride and I needed ink, so we headed for Staples. Hubby decided to go along. I picked up my ink and was looking at pens (thinking a new pen might provide inspiration), when I heard a familiar voice. A friend I hadn't seen in some time came around the corner. After she filled me in on the latest in her life, she asked how I was. Somehow I couldn't gloss it over. 
"Today is not a good day for some reason,"I told her.
I shared a little bit.

She stepped toward me, placed her hands on my shoulders and began to pray. I wasn't embarrassed or wondering what people would think. Those days are behind me and besides, I needed this prayer. I left Staples lighter than when I'd come in.

We stopped at Dunkin Donuts for an ice coffee and headed home. 

"Now where was that place with the Lupines you mentioned?" Hubby asked. I had mentioned it in passing on the way to town. 

"Just up on that curve." I pointed. 

He pulled over and I hopped out of the car with my iPhone and my camera. After snapping several pictures, I crossed the road back to the car all smiles. 

"Thanks, honey."

So here are a few of the un-edited pics of Maine's Lupines from today. Photos can't do them justice.

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  1. Your photos are lovely, and I see what you mean by the colors of the lupines. They're so vibrant. Last week, my friend and I were talking about the irony of lupines growing in huge patches out in the wild, but rather stingily in our own flowerbeds. I also understand completely about having no safe place to park for getting that special photo. I've gotten rather adept at stopping in the middle of the road, clicking the shutter, checking the rearview, clicking the shutter, checking the rearview ... Oh, and I'm impressed by your thoughtful hubby. He sounds like a sweetie.


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