Friday, July 15, 2016

A Perfect Summer Day

Today is the perfect July day in northern Maine. I took my tea outside where I enjoyed my flowers and wind chimes and morning breezes. After a phone chat with a friend, I hung a load of sheets on the line. Oh how I love the smell of fresh sheets blowing in the breeze!

My brother needed a few errands done in town, so a couple hours were spent taking him to Walmart etc. I got home just in time for a quick lunch before online Journal Club began. Inspiration kicking in,  my collage journal begged for a few minutes of my time.

It's nearly 3:00 and I've put off my office work all week. Yikes! Time to get down to business. I still have last week's work to catch up on after vacation.

Maybe I will eek out a few more minutes to step into the sunshine, take my sheets from the line, perhaps read a chapter in my book. Work will wait a tad bit longer.

I know around the world such horrible things are happening, adding layer upon layer of grief to the load we already carry. I haven't forgotten, but today I will honor those who suffer and those who slipped into eternity by living  in the moment, breathing a prayer into the air of a perfect summer day.

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