Friday, April 15, 2016

The Unrecorded Life

Could it be that Jesus lived 30 years of ordinary days?

His birth, death and three years of ministry are recorded as well as a snapshot at age twelve. Yet thirty years are unaccounted for.

On the IF app today Jeannie shared in the video how Christ lived years of unrecorded days. 

Ordinary days.

I am living in a season of quiet ordinary days. 

I walk and sit and do dishes and laundry
read and talk to friends
tend to mom and office bills
breathe and stretch

and wonder what's my purpose

I struggle with my body 
and miss my kids
wish my marriage was fuller
that I'd done life differently

Then I wait and listen  and God shows up
and somehow it's all worth it for a few moments.

I lay everything at His feet.

I'm simply here, living the unrecorded life.

Suddenly I remember Psalm 139.
All my days were written in His Book before one of them came to be.

Unrecorded on earth perhaps, but recorded in heaven where it counts.

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