Saturday, January 30, 2016

What I learned in January That I Already Knew

1 > I'm better at striving than resting.

All of my January energies were focused on implementing practices designed to support my health. I returned to juicing, eating vegetables and fish and chicken, taking supplements like garlic and probiotics, and exercising regularly. My creative juices suffered (except in the kitchen) and my blog went completely untended. Yet determination to fight off chronic attacks of illness fueled my goals. 

Then during the night Saturday my always -stuffy-sinuses turned painful. Sunday's trip to celebrate our granddaughter's birthday became a challenge as my body succumbed to a cold. All my hard work came to a standstill as I struggled to rest. 

2 > Books are my soul food.

I've read everything Kristin Hannah has written and this is her best book ever! I couldn't put it down and sobbed at the end. My idea of a good afternoon is covering up with a blanket and escaping into the landscape of a story. I've been on a roll this month. After "The Nightingale" I read Katie Ganshert's novel " The Art of Losing Yourself" and non-fiction "Wild in the Hollow" by Amber Haines. I loved both of them. Last weekend my daughter passed me "The Readers of Broken Wheel Recommend." It's a character-driven book, slow moving and a perfect read for me right now. I am throughly enjoying it.

3 > Hope pokes pinholes in discouragement and keeps me going.

A friend gave me the letters HOPE to begin my new year. I wrapped lights around them and haven't stopped needing the light it brings ever since.

January was a tough month. One friend lost her grandbaby only six months in the womb; another spiraled into deep depression. A loved one ignored my calls, hurting my heart in every rejection. Another illness taking me down weighed as heavy as the gray clouds outside my window. Yet every now and then a ray of light shone through.

4 > Remember to keep counting my blessings.

I've seen God do miracles. I want to celebrate every single one over and over again.

5 > A few people still read my blog.

Thanks Cheryl and Nancy for missing me and prompting me to post once again.


  1. Girlfriend, you're going to have to tell me to stop because I value your friendship and I always look forward to seeing if you have posted. I am very sorry that your health issues continue to plague you and keep you from doing some of the things you enjoy doing. I am praying for you and I hope February will be a better month. When I saw that you had just finished reading "The Art of Losing Yourself", I immediately brought it on Amazon and I finished it Thursday night. It was a really good book and reminded me how Lord is directing events even when we can't or don't realize it. Don't forget I have changed blogs and now blog under ....I needed a change and Squarespace works better for my photography....

  2. I'm glad I could give you a little nudge, but please don't feel pressured. I'm sorry to hear about your illness issues, but you must be doing something right, because you look lovely in that photo. I liked your five points. We seem to have a lot in common.


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