Friday, April 17, 2015

Playing the Trump Card

My choice of living with intention as a theme for April blogging keeps evading me, mainly because  living with intention this month has been a challenge!

My April days filled up quickly with furnace problems demanding service, finding creative ways to rid my home of skunk scent, a glitch in my back and an unexpected funeral. I discovered that intentional living doesn't necessarily mean I reach every goal right away. Living on purpose  calls me back to focus in the in-between times of life surprises.

My writing course, the Conscious Booksmith came to an end and I barely touched my laptop or my journal all week! Intention demanded I break it out today, along with journals for research. I'd typed one sentence when a good friend phoned. I answered the call with delight for we hadn't talked in months. 

You see, my over-riding intention is to live with joy. Joy trumps duty, guilt, slow-melting snowbanks, the temptation to complain (most days) and even writing occasionally.

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