Tuesday, August 26, 2014


Five days of gorgeous weather for our camper rest. Hubby is recuperating from his heart attack and begins cardiac rehab next week. His brother is tending the business so we are making the most of these days together. 

One day we went into Bar Harbor and walked around. Another we went to Asticou Gardens. I can't wait to get all my photos from that adventure on my laptop so I can share them! Tomorrow we will head down to see our grandchildren in the Portland area. It has been nearly two months since we've seen them. 

We are taking our time and enjoying the journey. This is a big change for us. Usually we are making a flying trip and trying to fit everyone and everything into a two day weekend. I am grateful for God's blessings in the midst of all the changes.

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  1. That is a beautiful shot, Paula. Thank you so much for visiting Poetic Anatomy and leaving your thoughtful comments. I've been remiss in reading your blog. I've been remiss with just about everything online. I'm sorry to hear about your husband's heart attack, but I'm grateful that God was watching over him and you.

    Now, I have to ask you a favor. About a week ago, I discovered little Sophia Grace Crawford: not even three years old, and she's dying. I've not been able to go more than 15 minutes without thinking about her and her amazing parents and praying for them. I know that God works according to His plan, but I desperately want a miracle for this family. Correct that: I want the miracle that I want: which is a complete and absolutely unheard-of recovery. I realize that God may very well send them a miracle that differs from what I'm requesting.

    For some reason, I haven't been able to share with anyone my concern for this sweet little girl: until now, until you. Seeing your comments on my blog was like a message from God. It was like he was giving me a little nudge and whispering, "Share this with Paula. Ask her to pray along with you." So that's what I'm doing. I know you'll understand. You'll likely understand better than I do. You, too, can fall in love with little Sophia Grace here: https://www.facebook.com/princesssophiagracesjourney?ref=stream Thank you.


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