Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Ordinary Days


How did a whole week sneak by me without even a thought of blogging?

 Last week was a beautiful sunny week at home. I spent a few hours in my flowers and mini-garden making them presentable after vacation, only to leave them again for two weeks. I sorted through old photos that had been piled up and waiting. With a black sharpie I wrote the names of each of my siblings on envelopes which I packed with childhood photos collected by my grandmother or myself and sent them via actual mail. On Friday I made a trip to the local Cubby thrift store and dropped off scrapbook magazines, CDs and an old sewing machine. It felt so good to get those things done.

This week finds me in Trenton at the camper. I had a long travel / car problems / grocery / settle in day on Sunday.,Monday was supposed to find me picking up Lily at daycare but instead I spent a long lonely day recuperating from a stomach bug or pancreas problem here. Not sure which. 
Today her big sister picked her up so I spent another day here. I must say when I watched the rain pour off the camper awning this morning, I was bummed. How would I get through another long day? And I still felt too queasy to venture out.

I grabbed my iPhone and played with the Hipstamatic app, snapped a few pics of the rain, and journaled. Finally I opened my laptop to my book project and began to edit, changing the font to an acceptable one, adding page numbers, fixing margins etc. before I knew it, the afternoon had flown and here I am, with a day nearly at its close.

It's foggy here tonight with thunderstorms in the forecast. I have sent many prayers heavenward about that for both my daughter, who is away at reserves this week and had a close call last night, and myself here alone.

I finished a novel yesterday called Sea Music by Sarah McDonald. It's a hauntingly beautiful and painful story of a holocaust survivor. It reminded me how extraordinary our ordinary days really are. Even though these last few have been challenging, I have much to be grateful for.

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