Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Listening to My Life


Tomorrow I will turn 62 years old. How is that possible? I don't feel 62 but I do feel different than last year. The past two years I have learned a lot about myself, not all of it pretty. I may have mentioned that before. Nevertheless, I am learning to accept all of me and with that acceptance, embracing the need to change. Letting go has become a daily practice in my life. I feel like I will never live long enough to become the woman I long to be.

The picture above was taken today, riding in my son's jeep with the doors and top off. Going up was exhilarating, smelling the pines, snapping photos of the scenery. Coming down was scary. I realized in that moment that I still cling to comfort zones, like a door.


Speaking of doors, I happened to notice this one was open as we walked by. Everyone else seemed more interested in the next store or their destination. I, however, turned aside to snap a pic. A lavender door, open. For some reason, this door resonates with me today. 

One of my intentions for the month of July is to listen to my life. I'm listening. 

Here is my list for this month:

Let go and flow.
Receive the gifts each day holds for me.
Listen to my life. 
Identify patterns and rhythms.
Choose joy.
Be wholehearted, even in things that are necessary, perhaps not always of my choosing.

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