Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Ramblings Between Old and New

I miss our Christmas tree with all her lights and memory-holding ornaments. I took it down this week anticipating a friend's visit but sickness changed her plans. 

As hard as I tried to keep Christmas simple, December still pulled me into its flurry. I fell behind in December reflections on Instagram and my reading came to a stand still. To give myself a bit of credit, a shoulder problem added Physical Therapy visits to my schedule three times a week. I gave up going to the gym due to sheer exhaustion from an aching shoulder interrupting sleep.

I managed to finish my baking, wrapping and packing on time. Terry and I traveled the 5 hours to our sons for Friday night and Christmas Eve day, back to Bangor for Christmas with our daughter and family, then home Christmas night. A lot of travel but totally worth it!

Winter began with a vengeance here in northern Maine. Our snowfall totals are above normal but the ice on the roof is causing problems. We have already had two leaks and Terry was up on the roof again today chipping away. 

The snow is falling steadily outside and my plan is to complete the final chapter for my book today. It's lunch time and I haven't gotten there yet but I promised myself I would write a blogpost first. 

So here I am rambling.

Later this week I want to share my one little word for 2017, my verse and perhaps a few goals.

Basically I'm reconnecting to social media today with a smile.

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  1. It's always good to come by for a visit and see what's new with you....I am excited about your book and I can't wait to read it....So glad you had a good Christmas with family...The time together seems to go by so quickly....


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