Sunday, December 6, 2015

Falling Stars

I found this card from my daughter on the floor in my office this morning. For a long time I had it hanging with others on the wall but it must have slipped off. Exactly what I needed today! Funny how I barely noticed it in plain sight but when moving a case, the starry treasure jumped out to greet me from the floor.

A week ago today I came down with a cold. I seriously thought I was beating it but every day the cold has gotten worse and feels like its beating me. I spent the past two nights in my recliner, upright to contain the cough. 

I made myself a promise to slow down this holiday season and not stress out, so Ive been working at Christmas shopping etc. at a modified pace. This may not have served me well. Now I have Christmas cards to write ( I haven't even bought them yet), a tree to choose and decorate, gifts to finish and wrap ... well you know the drill.

Instead I've been reading holiday novels, watching a few Christmas movies and going back over my journals of the past year. 

And I haven't finished my shopping! I tried the online thing this week. I had the perfect gift in mind for a grandchild. I even found the color! Alas, out of stock. I tried several other places to no avail. Everyone must have the same idea. Finally I managed to get all the way through to checkout with a second choice only to find they wouldn't ship to me internationally. Internationally? What? Seriously? I'm right here in the States. Hello?!

Here I am on this beautiful unusual spring-like Sunday in northern Maine, housebound, sick and stressed. 

Hence the card.

Perspective, girl, perspective! 

With all that's happening in our world, I count my blessings today.

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