Sunday, June 7, 2015

My Week in Review

Spring entered the County slowly, shivering and windy, but Sunday morning dawned glorious. I love Spring! Read more over on Fearless Lines today. 

The first week in June was not without life's challenges. I pressed hard into my spiritual practices, reading the scriptures and devotionals, prayer and writing morning pages in my journal. Getting out in the dirt, planting and babying my flowers is my greatest spiritual practice in Spring.

I admit to neglecting my daily visual journal, but I spent a couple hours thoroughly enjoying cutting and pasting images. I'm always amazed how the finished pages reflect my inner woman.

Yesterday Hubby and I spent much of our Saturday visiting yard sales. Our oldest granddaughter is moving into her own place and we were on a treasure hunt for her.

Sadly my book took a back seat to family issues. I managed an hour on my laptop before being called away; my intention this coming week is to set two days aside devoted to writing. 

I am excited about some new ventures this summer. I can't wait to share more with you later in the week. 

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