Sunday, June 21, 2015

All "Present" and Accounted For

Staying on track requires intention, practice and listening.

Getting off track occurs with weariness, busyness, and subtle rationalization.

I continued to write my intentions, slight morning pages, and empty check-ins. To be honest, I spent more time this week on social media than in prayer. My Bible reading was sparse and my writing practice took a back seat to busyness. Even my Wednesday blogpost fell by the wayside.

We all have responsibilities we have to fulfill. Mine took over my week.The thing is- none of them were big!

The little things can drain us dry when nothing is filling us up.

I noticed I was in trouble on Thursday when I went for my first massage in months and exhaustion flattened me afterwards. I found myself constantly on Facebook and for this gal, that's not normal. I'm not even a big FB fan!

My emotional energy had taken a serious dip.

In my email Friday, the Faith Barista shared a guest post from Claire Diaz-Ortiz about The Present Principle. The post brought me face to face with my weariness. I needed to make a change.

I  pulled out Angie Smith's Bible study Seamless and spent time reading familiar passages in Genesis, amazed at the new discoveries waiting for me. Hubby and I made a quick trip to the camper and back on Friday and Saturday. I kept my nose buried in my Kindle reading a wonderful series of books by Stephanie Grace Whitson. (If you're interested look on Amazon for Walks the Fire, Soaring Eagle and Redbird.)

Saturday afternoon I enjoyed watching Lily swim and play, drinking in the warm sunshine, rare this spring.

Simple pleasures often hold precious treasures for us. 

Treasures like laughter, peace, rest, refreshing and appreciation.

When our practices lose meaning and we find ourselves turning elsewhere remaining empty, perhaps it's time to re-evaluate and make a few changes. Time to slow down, mark out a bit of solitude, and listen. 

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