Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Struggling to Find May's Rhythm

We are one week in and I struggle to find May's rhythm.

Over the winter, I established a few self-care practices  especially in the month of April. I took my morning tea with a half hour favorite television program to jumpstart my faith, followed by personal prayer and Bible time. I was getting to the place where I could fit in a half hour of yoga stretches. Evening rituals included bedtime journaling and reading more inspirational thoughts. These two ends of the day balanced my rhythm. 

Then I got sick again.

On the heels of recovery we traveled for two days and two busy days ensued. My good eating habits fell apart at the seams in the midst of all this. 

So here  I am.

Today was a little better. I wrote out all my concerns, intentions and  plans for the week, spreading them before the Lord, praying my memory verse: "The Lord makes firm the steps of those who delight in Him."

As I wrestle with dissonance and interruptions, I ponder the thought that perhaps a new rhythm is needed. I give room to this thought.

I've created spaces in your days. Don't fill them up with things you think you should do. Pray about each opportunity even when it looks like the right path. Keep your life opened up.

I hear the quiet familiar voice. 

Breathe. Wait. Listen. 

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